How to get started

1. Login to the StrikeHub web app

Your account is a portal into your Union’s StrikeHub information. You can login by visiting the StrikeHub web application in your browser and entering your unique credentials.

2. Import your membership list

Full membership lists can be imported at once to provide the Union’s members with access to the mobile application, send email and SMS communication, and manage picketing schedules.

3. Create picket locations

Picket locations can be set in StrikeHub and are used to create schedules and shifts for Captains and Members to attend.

4. Assign Captains and Members

Strike Captains and Members are assigned to specific picket locations and shifts. Members can then clock-in and clock-out using geolocation on their devices, or via their strike Captain who can clock them in directly.

5. Download the StrikeHub app

To download StrikeHub onto your smart mobile device, visit either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search for “StrikeHub” by Union Marketing.

6. Carry out your strike with ease!

Strike Hub facilitates a speedy organization of members during a period of strike. Admin-users and Captains can import membership lists, create picket locations and schedules, and use those resources on the go to call their membership into action.