Visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search for “StrikeHub” by Union Marketing.

The web version – app.strikehub.ca – is used by Union Admins to prepare everything for the strike and to manage members during and after their picket shifts.

StrikeHub for Android and iOS is for use by all members, across all StrikeHub roles. The mobile app is how members will clock-in and clock-out, view their schedules and locations, and answer live surveys.

Admin users in StrikeHub can import full membership lists by visiting ‘app.strikehub.ca’ and navigating to “Manage Union Members”.

Admin users in StrikeHub can add picket locations by visiting ‘app.strikehub.ca’ and navigating to “Create a Picket Location”.

Admin users in StrikeHub can create picketing schedules by viewing any individual picket location and selecting “Create a Picket Shift” for that location.

Assigning members can be completed in advance by Admin users in StrikeHub (web version), or by Captains on-site of a picket shift in StrikeHub (mobile version). Once all members are imported into the app, any of them can be assigned to any picket location.

Strike Captains can clock-in members who are present at a particular shift. If needed, they can assign members on-site to the shift.

If StrikeHub geo-location is setup by Admin users, members can clock-in for themselves as long as they are within the preset range of the picket location.

If geo-location is setup but a member is outside of the range, they will receive an error in the app when trying to clock-in.
For members, please try to relocate to a position closer to the picket location address.
For Admin users in StrikeHub, you can extend the range from the Union Update screen (web version).

Yes. Captains and Admins of StrikeHub can use the in-app post board functionality to communicate with their members.

Yes. StrikeHub (web-version) provides reporting tools to facilitate the easy export of strike information including completed shifts, pay rates, member information and turnout, and other useful data to utilize.

Admin users access the web version of StrikeHub to prepare all member data, locations, and shifts for the Strike.
Captain users have additional privileges in the mobile version of StrikeHub to help organize members on site.

Member users can use the mobile version to review their assignments, answer surveys, and to clock-in and clock-out when on site.